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Informal Economy and Gender Inequality,


Tonuchi Emmanuel Joseph; Chinedu Miracle Nevo; Chinyere Ugonwa Nwolisa


Analysis of the four heart sounds statistical study and spectro-temporal characteristics.

Journal of medical engineering & technology

Sidi Mohammed El Amine Debbal

journal article

Relations entre les débits liquides et les flux de matières en suspension dans la haute Tafna : cas de la partie amont du sous-bassin versant de l’oued Sebdou (Nord-Ouest algérien)

Techniques Sciences Méthodes


journal article

Selenium overexposure induces insulin resistance: In silico study.

Diabetes & metabolic syndrome

Ammaria Behar; Nouria Dennouni-Medjati; Yahia Harek; Majda Dali-Sahi; Moussa Belhadj; Fatima Zahra Meziane

journal article

Reports of Baetidae (Ephemeroptera) species from Tafna Basin, Algeria and biogeographic affinities revealed by DNA barcoding.

Biodiversity data journal

Nadhira Benhadji; Michel Sartori; Karima Abdellaoui Hassaine; Jean-Luc Gattolliat

journal article

Environmental economics in Algeria: empirical investigation into the relationship between technological policy, regulation intensity, market forces, and industrial pollution of Algerian firms.

Environmental science and pollution research international

Amal Hamhami; Abdenour Kamar Amrani; Ahmed Smahi

journal article

Fifteen Shades of Grey: Combined Analysis of Genome-Wide SNP Data in Steppe and Mediterranean Grey Cattle Sheds New Light on the Molecular Basis of Coat Color


Gabriele Senczuk; Lorenzo Guerra; Salvatore Mastrangelo; Claudia Campobasso; Kaouadji Zoubeyda; Meghelli Imane; Donata Marletta; Szilvia Kusza; Taki Karsli; Semir Bachir Souheil Gaouar; Fabio Pilla; Elena Ciani

journal article

Maternal origin and genetic diversity of Algerian domestic chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) from North-Western Africa based on mitochondrial DNA analysis

Animal Biotechnology

Selma Farah Boudali; Ahmed S. Al-Jumaili; Ameur Bouandas; Fatima Zohra Mahammi; Nacera Tabet Aoul; Olivier Hanotte; Semir Bechir Suheil Gaouar

journal article

Applying CFD for Studying the Dynamic and Thermal Behavior of an Indirect Solar Dryer: Paramertric Analysis

Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering

S. Khaldi; A. N. Korti; S. Abboudi

journal article

Experimental study of the effect of inclination angle on the paraffin melting process in a square cavity

Journal of energy storage

Abdel Illah Nabil Korti; Hocine Guellil

journal article

Contribution of two artificial intelligence techniques in predicting the secondary compression index of fine-grained soils

Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Mohammed el Amin Bourouis; Abdeldjalil Zadjaoui; Abdelkader Djedid

journal article

Outdoor Alzheimer’s Patients Tracking Using an IoT System and a Kalman Filter Estimator

Wireless Personal Communications

Haroun Errachid Adardour; Mourad Hadjila; Sidi Mohammed Hadj Irid; T. Baouch; S. E. Belkhiter

journal article

Spatiotemporal patterns in a diffusive predator-prey model with protection zone and predator harvesting

Chaos Solitons & Fractals

Fethi Souna; Abdelkader Lakmeche; Salih Djilali

journal article

Materials genome project: The application of principal component analysis to the formability of perovskites and inverse perovskites

Computational Condensed Matter

Mohamed Boubchir; Hafid Aourag

journal article

Facial emotion recognition using deep learning: review and insights

Procedia Computer Science

Wafa Mellouk; Wahida Handouzi

journal article

Prévalence et facteurs associés à la surcharge pondérale chez les enfants âgés de 3 à 4 ans en Algérie selon les données de l’enquête MICS4

Nutrition Clinique Et Metabolisme

Adel Sidi-Yakhlef; Meryem Boukhelif

journal article

Environmental Contamination and Occupational Exposure of Algerian Hospital Workers

Frontiers in Public Health

Eline Verscheure; Matteo Creta; Jeroen Vanoirbeek; Meziane Zakia; Taleb Abdesselam; Robin Lebegge; Katrien Poels; Radu Corneliu Duca; Lode Godderis

journal article

A Survey on Cloud Computing Simulation and Modeling

SN Computer Science

Ilyas Bambrik

journal article

Structural characterization, antioxidant, and antibiofilm activities of Coffea canephora green seeds.

Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Mohammed Aissaoui; Mohammed Nadjib Rahmoun; Hassan Latrache; Said Barek; Ayoub Elassri; Chawki Bensouici; Imad Abdelhamid El Haci; Noureddine Choukchou-Braham

journal article

Zircon U–Pb and Lu–Hf isotopic systems in ediacaran to Fortunian “Taourirt” granitic ring complexes (Silet and In Tedeini terranes, Tuareg shield, Algeria)

Journal of African Earth Sciences

Abla Azzouni-Sekkal; Bernard Bonin; P. Bowden; Faten Bechiri-Benmerzoug; Yassamina Meddi

journal article

Enhancement of the cooling of shear-thinning fluids in channel heat exchangers by using the V-baffling technique

Thermal science and engineering

Houari Ameur; Djamel Sahel; Younes Menni

journal article

Floristic diversity of the Tagdempt region, Tiaret Mountains, Algeria

Acta Ecologica Sinica

Nouar Belgacem; Hasnaoui Okkacha; Maamar Benchohra; Miara Mohamed Djamel

journal article

DC performance analysis of a 20nm gate lenght n-type silicon GAA junctionless (Si JL-GAA) transistor

International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faiza Merad; A. Guen-Bouazza

journal article

First data of statistic and ecological behavior of orthoptera insects in arid region (Southern West of Algeria).

Data in Brief

Djamel Brahimi; Lotfi Mesli; Abdelkader Rahmouni; Fatima Zohra Zeggai; Bachari Khaldoun; Redouane Chebout; Mohammed Belbachir

journal article